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Simiyu  Regional Medical Officer  Dr. Festo Dugange Speaking with Community health workers (CHWs)

About 72 community health workers (CHWs) from Itilima District in Simiyu Region received a three days CEBS training on Covid 19 response. The CHWs have been trained on precautions to observe, contact tracing, reporting of suspected covid 19 cases at community level and the right chanels to follow when there is a suspected case in the community. The task ahead requires CHWs to be at the frontline to assist the Government in the fight against the deadly Pendemic which has caused many deaths in all parts of the globe.

When Opening the training organized by Doctors With Africa / CUAMM through it’s project Test and treat, the Regional Medical Officer Dr. Festo Dugange said that the community health workers are taking on a greater responsibility to educate the community on various issues including taking precautionary measures on Covid 19, HIV, Mulnutrition and Others.

Dr Dugange said it was important for community-level workers to assist the Government in its efforts to stop the spread of Covid 19 as they live close to the people which makes it easy to know of any cases or roumors of a suspected case.

“All of you Community health workers do live near the people. The training you are receiving here should be reflected practically in your work at the community level. I would  like to thank Doctors with Africa / CUAMM through test and
treat project for organising this training. Your cooperation with the Region is highly appreciated” Dugange said.

On the other hand, the Community Coordinator Test and treat Project from Doctors With Africa / CUAMM, Gasaya Msira said that their aim is to collaborate with the Government in these difficult and tough times to make sure that the Community Health Workers are trained on Covid 19 as per the guidelines of the ministry of Health.

"Due to the current pendemic of covid 19 CUAMM through our test and treat project, we organised five trainings from two Regions ie Shinyanga and Simiyu. In shinyanga we have already trained 109 CHWs from Shinyanga Dc and Shinyanya Mc. Today a total number of 72 participants from Itilima
are being trained. I believe CHWs are a key group in the fight against corona especially now that the transmision is local transmision. By providing education to the health care workers, We are not only equiping them with the relevant knowledge on how to protect themselves but also how to protect others that they come incontact with as they carry out their day today duties”  Said Msira.

Initially addressing the community health workers in Simiyu Region, the outgoing project manager Ms Veronica Censi thanked all CHWs for working together throughout her tenure and that she is proud of the cooperation she has received from them.

“Please take this opportunity to thank everyone, we have worked together with and in great cooperation. I am very proud to have had you all here in Simiyu. Continue the good work of the project. I will miss you and I am sure we shall meet again one day.
”said Censi

Doctors with Africa / CUAMM has been one of the NGOs supporting the Government of the republic of Tanzania in various interventions like HIV and Aids, Mother and Child First, Nutrition, Next Generation, just a few to mention..

The outgoing project manager Ms Veronica Censi thanked all CHWs for working together

 Community Coordinator Test and Treat Project from Doctors With Africa / CUAMM, Mr  Gasaya Msira speaking something to the participant.

 Left is the Outgoing Project Manager Mis Veronica Censi and the right hand is Dr Festo Dugange Simiyu regional medical Officer